Mitchell was a star athlete and straight A student. 

But everything changed for Mitchell when he turned 13 years old. He had spent his previous 12 years doing all the typical things kids do. He began to experience leg pain and had trouble walking. An MRI showed lesions on his spinal cord. Mitchell and his family received the news that he’s one of only two people in the world with this rare condition. 

“When his diagnosis came across at Ranken Jordan, I didn’t know what to expect,” says Pam Macon, physical therapist. 

For the next three months, he came to Ranken Jordan every day instead of school for intense physical and occupational therapy. He recovered, then relapsed. Over the next six years, he would experience the same symptoms and need to relearn to walk all over again. 

Mitchell was diligent with his therapy as well as his school work. He always kept up with his studies and remained a dedicated student. He earned a 32 on the ACT and earned the Presidential Scholarship, a full ride, to Saint Louis University. He couldn’t wait to start college, begin his political science program, and live in the dorms. 

Around Labor Day weekend 2018, Mitchell’s mom noticed a few new symptoms with Mitchell. New complications of Mitchell’s condition were appearing. It was time to return to Ranken Jordan.

“It’s been a journey,” says Mitchell’s mom. “Of course, our number one cheerleader is Pam. She has been amazing and is really a listening ear for him.” 

“With his determination and perseverance, he always ends up getting better,” says Pam.