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Our unique Care Beyond the Bedside model is woven into everything we do at Ranken Jordan. That means in addition to providing exceptional care that fosters healing and recovery, we make sure your child has plenty of opportunities to smile, have fun, socialize and be a kid.


The community programs at Ranken Jordan offer patients and families a way to be involved in a variety of typical childhood activities and experiences. These activities also help children cope better with their hospital experience, regain skills and confidence, learn, socialize and get back to being kids.


Our team individualizes activities to suit children’s interests and needs. These fun and therapeutic activities also help children continue to develop and grow while they are at Ranken Jordan. And parents find joy and hope watching their children participate and seeing firsthand their child’s capabilities.


We take a holistic approach to caring for the well-being of our patients, siblings and caregivers. Whether it’s through our golf, fishing or baseball programs, summer camps, infant massage classes, support groups or other activities, our community programs help families connect and make positive steps forward.


Ranken Jordan community programs are available free for families at Ranken Jordan or those in the community with special medical needs.

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If you need additional information or help with community programs, please contact us at (314)872-6481 or click on the button below to email.