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Masking is MANDATORY for all employees and visitors.

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The safety of the children and workforce at Ranken Jordan is our number one priority. To protect our patients and staff from the spread of infection including the COVID-19 coronavirus, we have implemented a number of restrictions and temporary policies. Please check back daily for new updates.

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To mitigate the risk of exposure to COVID-19 for all patients, workforce and visitors.



In accordance with the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) and the Society of Healthcare Epidemiologists (SHEA) Ranken Jordan requires all staff, volunteers and visitors to wear a mask properly covering the nose and mouth at all times except while eating.


Visitors: All visitors must wear a mask at all times throughout their visit at Ranken Jordan unless the visitor is eating while socially distanced. If a visitor needs to eat, visitors are required to go to a designated eating area and ensure they are more than 6 feet away from all other persons in the area, including the patient being visited. Ranken Jordan will provide education to patient visitors regarding the implementation and enforcement of this policy through the family handbook, conversations with staff members, and /or information available at the Reception Desk. Visitors may wear a hospital provided surgical mask or a cloth mask from home. Cloth masks may not contain vents/valves. If a visitor is unable to comply with this policy, they will be asked to leave.

Effective immediately, our inpatients will be allowed to have up to two identified visitors at the same time.  Previous restrictions allowed only one visitor at a time. We are allowing up to two now because the other measures used to keep COVID out of the building, including universal masking and screening, have been so effective. Also, our fellow pediatric hospitals in the area now allow up to two visitors, and we believe it is important to be in line with those guidelines to support our families who may have come from one of our referring hospitals.  Please contact the virtual command center if you have questions.

COVID-19 Screening
Has someone in your household or close family member tested positive or is under investigation of having COVID-19?
Have you experienced any of the following symptoms in the past 24 hours?

Additional Visitor Restrictions – Effective March 25, 2020

Each patient is allowed up to two designated visitors. Moving forward, we will only allow one of those two visitors to visit the hospital at a time. Each visitor can only visit once per day.

Due to the risk of spreading the COVID-19 coronavirus, Ranken Jordan must reduce the number of visitors into the building. Until further notice, the following restrictions are in place:

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