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Interview with Lynda Lieberman, November 2022

Who is Lynda Lieberman?  

I am a retired CPA, now enjoying my time exercising, fixing up my house, serving as a member of the St. Louis Symphony Volunteer Association, studying flute, piano and Spanish, and helping out Hillel, a non-profit organization, about five hours a week with their accounting.  Unfortunately, taking time to dine out with friends more often has added a few pounds!  I’m a native of St. Louis and love the season changes and slower pace of the Mid-West. 


Why legacy giving? 

As I approached retirement, I spent time thinking about my retirement financial needs and what I wanted to do with my assets at the end of my life.  I took time to think about my activity goals and various non-profit organizations that were important to the St. Louis community.  I decided upon a plan where I could retain control over the principal balances in my financial accounts, live off of account earnings and principal, as necessary, and still have funds to leave to important organizations such as Ranken Jordan.  Certain financial accounts have direct beneficiaries.  Financial accounts held by my Revocable Trust are directed toward certain non-profit organizations per my Trust Agreement.   


Why Ranken Jordan? 

Ranken Jordan does EXCELLENT work. They really help young people in need of medical treatment and therapies, including children whose parents may not have the means to cover the costs.  No parent should be worried about obtaining proper medical assistance for a child.  Ranken Jordan has the necessary skills to work with children who have challenging medical situations. In addition, due to a fiscally responsible board of directors and management team, Ranken Jordan is financially responsible.  I felt secure that they would use my hard-earned dollars appropriately.  


What advice would you give others?  

Begin early to think about your future financial needs and how you want your final assets to be dispersed.  All of the plans I made could be changed if it was necessary to do so.  However, I now wake up every day without worries about the future of my personal needs and my assets.  Decide where you want any remaining assets to go after you pass – to family, charity, or a combination of both.  Also, which charities are most important to you?  Use of direct beneficiaries and a will and trust are simple ways to dictate what you want to happen with your assets. I also strongly suggest talking with a CPA and an estate attorney about the tax and legal benefits of including Ranken Jordan or any other non-profit in your plans.  Everyone’s financial situation is different, and there are a lot of legal vehicles to achieve various short- and long-term goals.  Do your planning now so that you can have peace of mind and ENJOY the rest of your life! 

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