How We Help our Kids Get Home
As the first and only pediatric bridge hospital, Ranken Jordan bridges the gap between acute care and home for kids with even the most complex conditions, illnesses and injuries.
Our Team

At the center of every team is the family. Based on each child’s unique needs, we surround the family with physicians, physiatrists, therapists, nurse practitioners, social workers, dietitians and even a psychiatrist to build the bridge home.

Care Beyond the Bedside

No matter how challenged, a kid is still a kid. Our Care Beyond the Bedside model activates the healing power of children’s natural instinct to play, grow, learn and interact with others.

Whole Family Care

To continue care for their kids after they are discharged, families often need to learn the same specialized skills that rival those of trained medical professionals. In addition to offering world-class care, Ranken Jordan gives families the practical and emotional support they need to thrive.

Transitioning Home

Children’s success at home is the goal of our care from the first day. We offer help finding resources for everything from education to transportation. Our community and outpatient programs also provide ongoing care and support for over 750 families a year.

An Urgent and Growing Need for Care
Because modern medicine and technology saves more traumatically and chronically ill children today than ever before, there is a growing need for the specialized care Ranken Jordan offers.
As the need grows, Ranken Jordan is committed to growing to meet it. In fact, we’re expanding right now to double the number of children we treat each year.

The increase in Missouri children with medically complex conditions between 2011 and 2014.


The number of children Ranken Jordan
currently treats every year.

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