Medical Team

Beth Downey

Beth Downey, RN, PPCNP-BC

Director, Referral Development

Elizabeth (Beth) Downey, RN, PNP-BC, has been a pediatric nurse practitioner at Ranken Jordan since 2001.


In her clinical role, Beth cares for children with fragile and medical complexities. She develops a plan of care for children and facilitates communication and care among specialists to successfully transitions children home.


She also serves as the Director of Referral Development where she collaborates with regional hospitals to consult on children with medical complexities.


Beth gained valuable heart care experience in the Division of Cardiac Surgery at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, where she was a pediatric nurse practitioner and supervised research data collection for the Congenital Heart Surgeon’s Society.


In addition, she was a pediatric nurse practitioner for the Division of Pediatric Cardiology at Washington University School of Medicine and a nurse in the Pediatric Cardiology Unit at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.


After receiving a Bachelor of Science in nursing from University of Virginia, she went on to receive a master’s of science in nursing from University of Missouri-St. Louis five years later.