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Kathy Judkins

Kathleen Judkins, RN, CPNP, PC/AC

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Kathleen (Kathy) Judkins, RN, CPNP, PC/AC, is a pediatric nurse practitioner with dual certification in acute and primary care.  Her primary focus is physiatry/rehabilitation and neurodevelopment. Kathy collaborates with the multidisciplinary team to optimize the patient’s medical, rehabilitation, and developmental outcomes.  Kathy is passionate about advocating for patients to live their best life possible.


She is also a member of the hospital’s Emergency Response Team that updates policies, evaluates response to emergencies, and provides education to staff so patients can safely move beyond the bedside.


Before coming to Ranken Jordan in 2005, Kathy was a nurse at St. Louis Children’s Hospital where she worked as a staff nurse in the PICU then as an Advanced Practice Nurse in the emergency department. Prior to her pediatric experience, she worked at Barnes Hospital in the long-term acute care unit and the medical intensive care unit.


Kathy received her Master of Science in pediatric nursing from University of Missouri-St. Louis and her Bachelor of Science in nursing from Saint Louis University. She also completed a student internship at Mayo Clinic.