Introducing The MRJ Way! The MRJ Way is the spirit of our founder, Mary Ranken Jordan.

This promises to be an exciting year, as 2021 is the 80th anniversary of our founding. We’ll be celebrating all year long. The energy is big, as suits the occasion. It’s a great time to re-introduce the singular spirit who started it all. 


MRJ was a fearless trailblazer, a driven idealist, and most importantly, a selfless philanthropist. Her gifts spread beyond our hospital. She donated and influenced many local organizations, including colleges, a retirement home, and even the iconic Missouri Botanical Gardens. One of her final projects was our hospital. In 1941, she wanted all children, regardless of their level of illness, to enjoy being a kid. 

“Consider the children first in all that you do.”

MRJ lived those words, and she lives on thanks to supporters just like you. Because of her vision and your generosity, we’ve been able to provide children with the most advanced care and specialized services and programs — centered on healing through play since our founding. 

$800,000 Goal

$31,761 Raised So Far

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All year long we will be hosting fundraising events to ensure that our kids get what they need to heal!

Our History

Learn more about MRJ and the founding of what would become one of the nation’s first bridge hospitals.