Blake and Brody

Blake and Brody

Changing Lives Beyond Our Walls

Our team gives all. When patients come to us for care, we embrace the whole family to offer help that extends beyond the bedside— and beyond our walls.


When Blake and Brody Carlton were born three months premature in 2016, they faced numerous hurdles to survive. Some doctors predicted they would never walk or talk. They were at high risk for cerebral palsy and developmental delays. But they are fighters.


Their mother, Kim, is a fighter, too. Determined to give them the most opportunities to maximize their potential, she began bringing the twins for outpatient therapy at Ranken Jordan when they were just 6 months old.


They were also receiving additional therapy at another hospital where one therapist divided time between both babies.


Meanwhile, Ranken Jordan was the only place the twins received one-on-one therapy rather than sharing a therapist. Kim felt this individual attention and early intervention was essential.


Today, the twins are approaching their fourth birthdays. Although they were diagnosed with cerebral palsy around age 2, Kim says the twins have been “on the better end of things” regarding severity of symptoms. She credits the intensive therapy they have received for their successes and independence.


The Ranken Jordan team welcomed the Carlton family with open arms. Kim has appreciated the opportunity to bring the twins and their sister, Bella, early or stay late after therapy appointments so the children can safely play on the hospital’s adaptive playground year round.


Kim shares her appreciation for the team: “Even though we receive therapy as outpatients, Ranken Jordan makes us feel included and invites us to inpatient therapy events. It’s awesome. And I’m grateful for the therapists at Ranken Jordan who bonded with the boys and make therapy fun. They made a huge impact on my boys. The twins looked forward to coming to Ranken Jordan for therapy. They even talked about their therapists at home and asked about them.”


Because of his arm being affected by cerebral palsy, Brody also has participated in the Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) program at Ranken Jordan. In addition, both boys received speech therapy at Ranken Jordan and are caught up on their speech.


In May 2019, Blake and Brody had selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) surgery at St. Louis Children’s Hospital with the goal of helping them to walk independently.


Four months after surgery and intensive physical therapy at Ranken Jordan and another hospital, the twins began walking without walkers. Kim says that achievement has opened doors for them to achieve other goals, too, as their imagination and confidence levels skyrocket along with their ability to bike, swim and try anything else they want to do.


Part of their recommended therapy after SDR includes using Galileo Whole Body Vibration Plates. Blake and Brody didn’t have access to them outside of Ranken Jordan.


To further the twins’ recovery, the family wanted to purchase the vibration plates for home use but the expense was daunting. We stepped in and connected the Carltons with an outside organization that funds medical equipment so the boys could continue their therapy at home.


We also connected the family to an organization that funds AmTrykes so the boys could have their own Trykes at home that they enjoyed so much during therapy at Ranken Jordan.


To maximize Blake and Brody’s progress, the Carltons wanted to enroll the twins in a special therapy program in Texas after SDR surgery. Insurance doesn’t cover the program so Kim worked hard on several fundraisers to fund the care. When our team learned of the family’s need, Ranken Jordan provided complimentary Southwest Airlines vouchers to offset some of the Carlton’s travel expenses. These vouchers are possible through Southwest’s generous medical transportation grants.


The exceptional therapy our team provided Blake and Brody at Ranken Jordan is reason enough to be proud. But these extra efforts for families that extend care beyond our walls are part of Ranken Jordan’s special, compassionate culture that makes me even more proud.


Kim expresses her heartfelt gratitude: “We wouldn’t have any of these things without Ranken Jordan. Everyone at Ranken Jordan, from the front desk staff to the therapists, genuinely takes an interest in my boys’ lives. Ranken Jordan is full of love and hope—this place changes lives for kids.”


These are powerful words to recognize the tremendous difference we each make at Ranken Jordan. Thank you for every smile, every thoughtful gesture, every skill you offer. Because you’re changing lives every day.