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Find Inspiration as a Nurse at Ranken Jordan

If you’re looking for a nursing experience where you feel energized and inspired every day, and where you make an immediate difference, then Ranken Jordan is the right workplace for you.


We’re hiring passionate nurses who are committed to our Care Beyond the Bedside model for kids with medically complex conditions. This unique model gets kids out of bed to help them learn, develop and heal so they can safely transition home.


With a growing referral list of kids with medically complex conditions, we need more nurses so we can care for more kids who need us.


Our kids are a fragile patient population with high needs. Yet they are still kids who crave play, laughter and friendship. Our goal is to help every child have the best day, every day.


A nursing career at Ranken Jordan is ideal for seasoned nurses who bring valuable experience and are looking to reignite their passion for nursing. For new nurses, Ranken Jordan is an exciting opportunity to expand your skills and thrive in a fast-paced setting that fosters joy and compassion.


Just bring your positive attitude and eagerness to learn and join our team!

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From A Nurse's Perspective

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Chief Nursing Officer

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RN Manager

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Registered Nurse

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Registered Nurse

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Registered Nurse

The Opportunity

At Ranken Jordan, you’ll encounter new challenges every day. Each child has individual, evolving needs. You’ll bring fresh ideas and creativity to help these kids have the best day, every day.


An ideal nurse at Ranken Jordan has a passion for kids and enjoys an innovative, lively workplace.


You can choose to work with the age group you enjoy most. We care for kids from birth to 21 and each age group presents unique opportunities.


If you’re ready to learn how to provide extraordinary care for these extraordinary kids, we’ll teach you. If you haven’t worked in pediatric nursing or with high-need kids, this is an opportunity to stretch and grow. You’ll receive an individual orientation tailored to the area where you will be working and what your role will be.


Ranken Jordan offers endless career-building opportunities. Your skill sets and knowledge will flourish as you gain a broad range of experience.


Our nurses continue to learn as they treat patients with a multitude of complex conditions. Because Ranken Jordan has planned admissions referred from acute hospitals, our teams train and prepare for each patient’s specific conditions and needs before the child comes to us.


To provide the most holistic, comprehensive care, you’ll be collaborating with physicians; nurse practitioners; physical, occupational, and speech therapists; recreation, music and art therapists; and other nurses as a truly integrated team. You will learn from the team and the team will learn from you.


At Ranken Jordan, you’ll enjoy flexibility, team work and the enormous satisfaction of seeing the difference you’re making for kids every day.

The Ranken Jordan Professional Practice Model

The Nursing Professional Practice Model at Ranken Jordan incorporates care delivery, relationships, values and beliefs for nursing practice that results in unequaled patient outcomes.


At Ranken Jordan, our nurses use a shared leadership approach. We believe that nursing directly impacts care delivery. Our nurses maintain professional relationships by being accessible and collaborating across the care spectrum. Nursing care is provided and delivered beyond the bedside. Nurses value the holistic care they provide to all patients. And outcomes and rewards are measured by unequaled patient outcomes.

The Nursing Shared Leadership Council

As part of the Nursing Professional Practice Model, Ranken Jordan’s Nursing Shared Leadership Council offers another way for nurses to positively impact their work environment and job satisfaction as well as improve patient care. The Council includes nursing leadership and bedside nurses. Every nurse at every level has the opportunity to participate in the Nursing Shared Leadership Council.


In 2021, the Council gained momentum to create three additional subcommittees to focus on:


These subcommittees work with nursing leadership to develop annual strategic goals for the team.

A Snapshot of Nursing Impact

In 2019, nurses at Ranken Jordan participated in a clinical outcomes project that has had a dramatic impact on patients by reducing CLABSIs (central line-associated bloodstream infection). The workgroup included an infection prevention physician, an infection prevention specialist, nurses on the front line and hospital leadership to identify opportunities for improvement.


The workgroup examined policies and procedures to make sure the most up-to-date, evidence-based practices were followed consistently. Based on research of best practices, the team created a standardized check list designed to prevent CLABSIs. The front line staff tailored the list based on issues they had encountered in their direct patient experience at Ranken Jordan.


Input from the front line staff coupled with the team’s research into best practices were key to driving positive results—preventing CLABSIs. The collaborative workgroup created a realistic, doable and comprehensive check list for the team to ensure the right care steps were happening every day, every shift, with every child.


As a result, the hospital experienced zero CLABSIs in a one-year period. This is a remarkable feat considering the amount of time patients are out of their beds and the fact that more patients than ever had central lines during that time period.


This significant achievement is also a direct indicator of the high-quality nursing care at Ranken Jordan.

The Experience

At Ranken Jordan, each day is a fresh opportunity to help every child have their best day.


Recognizing the importance of stimulation, socialization and play in the emotional and physical development of children, the Ranken Jordan team encourages kids to get out of their rooms and participate in a wide variety of activities, in addition to their therapy. This approach makes Ranken Jordan a special and unique place.


Play is a critical part of the healing process for kids. In fact, we intentionally keep our nurse-to-patient ratios low to free up caregivers to help kids spend more time out of bed playing and exploring.


Ranken Jordan nurses are encouraged to bring creativity to their work with the goal of making sure kids have fun.


Nearly half of our patients are on ventilators but that doesn’t stop them from playing golf on the accessible turf field outside, taking a cooking class or attending music or art therapy. It’s all part of our successful Care Beyond the Bedside model.


Saying yes to kids is easy because barriers are removed. Yes, you can go outside. Yes, you can go fishing. Yes, you can hang out with your friends for movie night. Because we help kids be kids.

The Culture

As we build our team, we look for team players with the right character and work ethic to fit our culture—because we believe skills can be taught once the right person is hired.


Ranken Jordan offers an ideal work environment where nurses are trusted and encouraged to share their insight. Our special culture fosters, celebrates and nurtures new ideas from team members to make Ranken Jordan the best it can be for our kids. Our nurses know what they do matters.


Every day, you’ll be energized by the team’s welcoming, warm and engaged spirit. This same spirit is reflected in our patients. And play is woven throughout everything we do.


We’re all in this together so our team shows up with a positive attitude and a spirit of camaraderie. We don’t let the kids down. Because the kids we care for inspire us to be our best.


This strong commitment to healthy work behaviors is reflected in our performance management evaluations—50% of the scores are related to healthy work behaviors. This focus creates an exceptional work environment. And happy, satisfied team members.

The Environment

Ranken Jordan doesn’t look or feel like a traditional hospital. The bright, open spaces bring smiles at every turn. Whimsical bridges, a game room, a stage, a climbing wall, and a wall of windows that overlook an accessible ballfield and putting greens, outdoor playground, and beautifully landscaped grounds encourage exploration and fun.


All these thoughtful features are designed to energize our patients—and our team members—and to spark possibilities while making every day brighter.

The Benefits


Because our patients need more intensive, complex care, Ranken Jordan maintains low patient-to-nurse ratios. This ideal ratio allows nurses to provide all the care for the same patient throughout the day. Nurses enjoy offering this holistic care that includes spending extra time with kids braiding their hair, playing games, filing their nails or just talking in addition to providing their medical care.


Nurses at Ranken Jordan are able to get to know the kids and can recognize any subtle changes that ultimately create happier kids and better outcomes.

30/60/90 Day Check-Ins

To welcome new nurses and ensure they feel comfortable and confident at Ranken Jordan, we foster open communications during the first three months of employment. With each check-in, you will meet with another level of leadership.


After 30 days, a nurse manager will meet with you to listen, find out how things are going, address any concerns, and gather feedback.


At 60 days, you will meet with the director of nursing and have an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.


At 90 days, you will meet with the chief nursing officer and also be able to ask questions and share your thoughts and ideas.


These check-ins lead to success. They help you build rapport with leadership, feel supported, and feel more comfortable and welcomed into the Ranken Jordan family.


Ranken Jordan also supports free-flowing communications with established nurses at the hospital. Once every eight weeks, nurse managers touch base with each nurse individually to listen and learn more about what things are going well, what’s not, and what nurses need. Nurse managers then follow up with nurses about their input when they round next.


Whether nurses work day or night shifts, PRN, weekend options or odd shifts, nurse managers prioritize meeting with each nurse to listen and build relationships for a better work environment and increased job satisfaction.

Continuing Education

Opportunities for continuing education and professional development continue to expand at Ranken Jordan. Currently, a Preceptor Academy is available to nurses so they can learn how to be an effective preceptor for their new team members.


Additional training events and certification support are adapted to the needs of our nurses. Our nurses value continued learning so Ranken Jordan is committed to providing a variety of educational opportunities. Continuing education allows nurses to grow and strengthen their skills and knowledge, which ultimately means better care for patients.


The Nursing Shared Leadership Council Professional Development and Education subcommittee is researching additional courses and certifications for our nurses as Ranken Jordan’s patient population and complex needs grow.

Student Loan Forgiveness

Ranken Jordan offers a competitive student loan forgiveness program for our nurses.  Our program provides our full time nurses up to $20,000 in outstanding student loan debt forgiveness related to education costs for becoming a registered nurse.

Nurse Mentor

Each new nurse at Ranken Jordan is partnered with a nurse mentor, also known as a preceptor. This relationship is the foundation for a well-prepared nurse who feels comfortable and confident at Ranken Jordan.


While formal orientation lasts two months, your nurse mentor relationship lasts indefinitely. Whether you’re a veteran nurse or a new graduate, you can ask your nurse mentor questions as long as you need.

Nurse Educators

Because of the complex conditions many of our patients have, nurses at Ranken Jordan never stop learning. Two nurse educators are dedicated to educating the nursing team about new diagnoses or medical conditions that may be rare and require unique treatment for our patients.


Our nurses value the in-depth education and training they receive so they can best care for each patient.


Ranken Jordan believes in and supports the vital work-life balance with fair and flexible schedules.


Through convenient online scheduling, you can view your schedule remotely through your phone or computer. The user-friendly system also allows you to enter PTO requests and trade shifts easily.


Our dedicated scheduling coordinator gets to know the nurses, listens to your needs and creates schedules accordingly while ensuring the needs of the floor and patients are met.