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How We Help our Kids Get Home

Your child’s success at home is our goal from your first day at Ranken Jordan. We create a unique care plan for each inpatient, tailored to each child’s unique care needs and natural desire to play. From baking brownies to playing video games to taking a swim, we leverage a child’s inherit desire to play as part of their healing process. We call it Care Beyond the Bedside.

Built to Care for You

You’ll notice when you walk into Ranken Jordan that it doesn’t look like a typical hospital. That’s on purpose. Every square inch of our facility was designed to be playful and inspire healing.

Your care team is a collection of some of the brightest minds in the area, focused on supporting children with the most complicated injuries and illnesses.

Medical Team

Our team is dedicated to caring for children with medical complexities. Specialty expertise among team members includes general pediatrics, internal medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation, infectious diseases, cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, pulmonology, neonatology, psychiatry, and psychology.

Nursing Care

Caring for our kids requires a special person who has the passion and expertise for our fragile population. Our nursing team is just that – passionate and expert caregivers who want to see our children recover through our specialized care plans.

Respiratory Care

More than 60 percent of our children at Ranken Jordan have airway needs, so we rely on our respiratory therapy team to help our kids breathe easy 24/7.

Child Life Specialists

Our child life specialists help each child cope with their hospitalization by helping them understand their experiences and  inspire them through play, self-expression, support during care, and education on their individual diagnosis. This team is an essential part of our Care Beyond the Beside philosophy because they work with the entire care team to incorporate play as part of daily treatments and therapy.

Recreation Therapists

Our recreation therapists are specially trained to help our children build confidence in their abilities, successfully navigate their environment, socialize effectively, and integrate back into the community while managing their new injury or illness. They are an integral part of our Care Beyond the Bedside philosophy and provide a holistic approach to healing through recreation and leisure, including gardening, cooking, adaptive sports, therapeutic art, and self expression, just to name a few.

Therapy Services

Our world-class therapists have many years of experience with children of different ages, a variety of medical challenges, and personalities. They will work closely with you, your doctors and insurance company to customize your child’s treatment plan.

Social Work and Care Coordination

When you have a child with a complicated medical diagnosis, navigating their care alone can feel overwhelming. We’re here to help you. Our social work and care coordination team will find the practical and emotional resources you need, from navigating financial funding to securing home health nursing and equipment, we’re here to help you.

Spiritual Care

Throughout your stay with us, we care for the child’s whole body, whole family, and whole spirit. Our spiritual care team provides programing for our kids as well as sessions for the family.