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What is pediatric physiatry?

A physiatrist is a licensed physician with specialized training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  A physiatrist leads a team of multidisciplinary members to address the recovery plan and functional needs of our patients.   Children at Ranken Jordan are recovering from any number of traumatic injuries, illnesses, surgeries or birth conditions that impact a child’s functional independence and development.  A physiatrist works with a team of specialists to optimize a child’s functional abilities.  Our focus is not on what the child cannot do, but on what a child can do and how to improve on the child’s quality of life.

At Ranken Jordan, children are treated in a family-centered approach to provide individualized education, care and treatment to the child and the caregivers.  We know that a child’s functional recovery and ultimate success after discharge is greatly impacted by the caregiver’s readiness to take on the care needs of the child.

Members of our team include:

At Ranken Jordan, Physiatry care can be addressed for inpatients as well as in the outpatient clinical setting.

Conditions addressed by Pediatric Physiatry

Physiatrists care for children from birth up through early adulthood to address a variety of conditions that impact a child’s functional independence.  Those conditions may include

Physiatrists bring expertise in rehabilitation to improve function and quality of life to children and their families.  As a hospital that focuses on rehabilitation, Ranken Jordan has long understood the value of physiatry and therapy in a child’s recovery. Physiatry is a growing medical specialty as physiatrists are increasingly recognized for the value they bring in the recovery process and the successful outcomes patients experience.

How can physiatry make a difference in my child’s inpatient recovery?

Our specialty at Ranken Jordan is caring for children with complex medical conditions.  Children admitted to Ranken Jordan are cared for by a pediatrician and nurse practitioner team as well as physiatrists and a therapy team. Additional multidisciplinary specialists are added to the team to meet the individualized needs of the child and family. Your child’s team will work in collaboration with any specialists your child has at outside hospitals to complement your child’s care plan and to optimize functional recovery and independence. Transitioning to Ranken Jordan means our team will work with your child and caregivers to provide a medical and rehab treatment plan to ultimately assist your child with the transition to home.

Our treatment and service goes beyond our walls. Our compassionate Ranken Jordan team is committed to providing education, training and support to families to best prepare them for their child’s transition home. We also connect families to valuable resources in the community.

How is a physiatrist involved in the outpatient care of my child?

Physicians in the community often refer children with complex needs to receive either inpatient or outpatient treatment at Ranken Jordan.  For outpatient care, our physiatrist will review your child’s medical record and schedule to meet you in clinic.  From there, a care plan for your child will be discussed and ongoing outpatient care will continue as needed.

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