Nursing Care

What makes nursing care at Ranken Jordan unique?

At Ranken Jordan, nurses strive to help every child have their best day—every day. We provide holistic care with the goal of seeing kids progress and successfully transition home.

Recognizing the importance of stimulation, socialization and play in the emotional and physical development of children, our nurses find creative ways to encourage kids to get out of their rooms and participate in a wide variety of activities, in addition to their therapy. Having fun is a daily goal. This approach makes Ranken Jordan a special and unique place.

Because our patients need more intensive, complex care, Ranken Jordan ensures more nurses are available for patients each day. This optimal nurse-to-patient ratio allows nurses to provide consistent, holistic care for patients throughout the day. This also allows nurses to spend extra time with kids getting to know them, brushing or braiding their hair, playing games, or just listening in addition to providing their medical care.

In addition, this continuity of care helps nurses recognize any subtle health changes needing attention for better outcomes.

Want to learn more about a career in nursing?

If you’re looking for a nursing experience where you feel energized and inspired every day, and where you make an immediate difference, then Ranken Jordan is the right workplace for you.

From A Nurse's Perspective

Kristin LaRose

Chief Nursing Officer

Dan Chitwood

RN Manager

Debi Kienstra

Registered Nurse

Elisabeth Ryan

Registered Nurse

LeAnna Christopher

Registered Nurse

What expertise do Ranken Jordan nurses bring?

Because of the complex conditions many of our patients have, nurses at Ranken Jordan never stop learning. Before new patients arrive at Ranken Jordan, our dedicated nurse educators train and prepare our nursing team about any unique or rare diagnoses or medical conditions so we can provide individualized, expert treatment for our patients from day one.

How do nurses work with other team members to provide care?

Collaboration is an essential part of helping each child successfully transition to home. To provide the most holistic, comprehensive care, our nurses collaborate with physicians; nurse practitioners; physical, occupational, and speech therapists; recreation, music and art therapists; and other nurses as a truly integrated team.


Our nurses see patients every day so they serve as a vital communications link between all treatments, therapies and team members. Ranken Jordan’s positive spirit of team work ensures attentive, seamless care on your child’s journey to recovery.