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Helping Your Child Transition Home

Your child’s success at home is our goal from your first day at Ranken Jordan. As the first and only pediatric bridge hospital, we bridge the gap between the acute care hospital and home for kids with even the most complex conditions, illnesses and injuries. That means we provide the most sophisticated care to help your child successfully transition home.

To help children and families thrive, we offer inpatient and outpatient services along with a variety of community programs focused on helping children with medical complexities receive the best chance for recovery. Families and caregivers are included in the care team from day one. Social workers offer patients and families emotional, financial and social support including counseling and needs assessment. We help families access resources while we teach them to care for their children at home. Siblings are part of the process, too.

The children at Ranken Jordan are cared for by a committed team of providers who create a unique care plan for each child. Throughout their stay, kids, along with their families and caregivers, get the support they need to get better and meet new challenges as they transition home. These services include:

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