Courtney, Serenity’s mom, was 28 weeks pregant when she suffered an abruption and had to emergently deliver her daughter, Serenity. Her newborn was immediately admitted to the NICU and was in and out of the hospital with respiratory issues. Serenity was transferred to Ranken Jordan so her family could stabilize. 

“Serenity speaks volumes without saying a word,” says her nurse Mitzie Graeler, PNP. “If you’ve been to the nursery, you know Serenity. She’s the unoffical greeter to the unit.” 

Not every greeting is a wave however. This expressive baby may wave you in or she may scowl and stop you at the door. “She learned to wave her little finger when she kept pulling out her vent,” says Mitzie. “Her respiratory therapist would tell her ‘no-no’ and shake her finger at her. Next thing you know, Serenity is giving everyone the stink eye and waving her little finger at them!”

Even with her tracheostomy and ventilator, she is playful, curious, and musical. “I remember the first time we took her off the ventilator,” recalls Mitzie. “She took off! She crawled and crawled with such freedom. She explored everything.” 

Now, Serenity is off her vent all waking hours, allowing her to travel freely throughout the nursery and hospital, giving everyone the stink eye along the way.