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Exposure/Close Contact Scenarios?

Why Are We Still Accepting Patients?

Why Are We Allowing Visitors?

Is Ibuprofen Safe To Use?

Is COVID a concern when it comes to sharing locker space with another workforce member?

You may share a locker. Please practice hand hygiene before and after using the locker.

With the recent limitations that have been put in place for St. Louis County will we be reducing workforce in the building again?

On July 27, St. Louis County (where Ranken Jordan resides) restricted gatherings of 50 people effective July 31-Aug. 28. This does not apply to hospitals. Since we offered work-from-home options in March, some departments are still taking advantage of that option. We will not recommend working-from-home from the Command Center, but each supervisor has the option to offer work-from-home to their teams based on their roles.

Should staff wear masks all day when in their office with their desks or cubicles next to other coworkers when six foot distance is not possible?

Yes. Please wear a mask while at your desk when you cannot socially distance yourself.

Do I need to put a mask on my patient?

If you have a patient who can tolerate a mask, you may encourage them to wear one. COPS has a wide selection, so you may invite your patient to select from a variety.

Do families need to wear a mask when they are playing on the outside playground?

Families who use the playground do not need to wear a mask while outside, but only one family is allowed to use the playground at a time.

I have been quarantined but just cleared for work today. If I am on the schedule today, do I still need to come in?

If you are cleared to work in the middle of a shift, you are expected to call your supervisor to see if you are needed.

Do families need to wear a mask on the outdoor playground?

No. Since the playground is outside, families do not need to wear a mask. The outdoor playground allows only one family to use it at a time during COVID-19, though.

Do I have to report to RJ if I went to a gathering of more than any certain number of people?

No. When in public, especially large groups, please remember your infection prevention tips: practice hand hygiene, social distance, and wear your mask.

Why aren't the PHRS people tested and in quarantine? Names are supposed to be provided so those in contact know to get tested. It seems as if RJ is not following guidelines but trusting the infected person's report that they wore a mask. This does not seem to be the same standard that other business are using. Big concern among the staff!

Ranken Jordan is following CDC guidelines and is contacting those employees who were exposed. The CDC defines exposure as:

In some cases at Ranken Jordan, there was exposure, and the recommendations from Infection Prevention varied depending on the level of risk. Some recommendations were to quarantine while some were to be screened twice a day (vs. ones). The CDC does not recommend asymptomatic testing.

Now that we have employees who tested positive for COVID-19, should I be tested?

If you have symptoms, please report them to your supervisor, and we will determine if you should be tested. If you are asymptomatic and would like to be tested, you may do so outside of Ranken Jordan. Please report back any positive results immediately.

How do I know if I was exposed to an employee who tested positive?

Infection Prevention will perform contact tracing with every positive employee, and they will notify anyone who was exposed to that person. An exposure is considered close contact, specifically being within six feet of that person for at least 15 minutes while that person did not wear a mask.

Are you going to mass test everyone at Ranken Jordan?

No. Testing is best used for people who have symptoms. No employees who had symptoms of COVID-19 have tested positive.

Did we test the patients those employees interacted with?

No. The employees were masked when working with their kids, and they did not work with symptoms. Because of these factors, the CDC does not consider this an exposure, and therefore does not recommend testing the kids.

Do I have to wear my mask when I’m in my office?

Please wear your mask at your desk if your desk is shared (ie: nurses station) or your desk is within six feet of another person. If your workspace is only yours (not shared), and it is at least six feet away from another person, you do not have to wear a mask. Make sure to put your mask back on if someone enters your office.

If I share my office space with a colleague and it’s impossible for us to be 6 ft apart, can I take my mask off?

Please wear your mask at your workspace if your desk is within six feet of another person.

Do I have to wear a mask when I’m eating?


Do I have to wear a mask if I’m in a meeting and am sitting more than six feet away from another person?

Yes. Wear a mask at all meetings, regardless of social distancing. Please use virtual meetings as often as possible, too.

Do I need to report if someone in my household has COVID19 symptoms and was tested for COVID19?

Yes. If anyone in your household was tested for COVID19, that information should be reported to your supervisor who will report it to Occupational Health.

Do I still need to report if someone in my household was tested for COVID19 but was asymptomatic (ie: recommended county testing, pre-op procedure protocol…)?

Yes. Any household COVID19 testing must be reported to your supervisor who will share it with Occupational Health.

What is the risk for someone like me who did not directly work with the positive cases but worked directly with some who had direct contact (I think this makes me a “secondary” risk?)?

A secondary exposure is considered to be low risk. The CDC doesn’t recommend testing for secondary exposures.

Can I decorate my surgical mask?

Yes, as long as you practice hand hygiene and don’t alter the integrity of the mask.

Do I have to wear a mask when I sit at my desk?

You should wear your mask if you:

You can take off your mask if you work at your own workspace, with your own computer, and if you sit further than six feet away from other people.

Can I wear a homemade mask on the unit?

No. If you provide direct patient care, you should wear a surgical mask. Families and non-direct patient care may wear a homemade mask anywhere in the hospital. They should only change if they provide direct patient care.

Where should I store my mask if I am supposed to reuse it?

Please take a brown paper bag from reception when you come in for your shift. You may put your mask in there to reuse it. See the instructions on how to reuse using the brown paper bag online.

Are all of the soap and hand sanitizer dispensers being cleaned daily as part of the overall cleaning?

Yes, our high touch surface cleaners wipe off dispensers during their shifts. Please know, when you use hand sanitizer correctly, you’re washing away any germs you may have had contact with, including those on dispensers.

Why do you keep admitting new patients when they or their visitors could bring covid-19 into the Hospital and the incubation period is up to 14 days?

We will continue our mission of caring for kids throughout this pandemic. Every patient is screened before admission, and every visitor is actively screened (with a thermometer) before entering the hospital.

I work at another hospital and care for COVID-19 positive patients. Can I still work my shift here at Ranken Jordan?

Please contact Infection Prevention who will assess the situation.

I was wondering if staff will be getting N95 masks? I am seeing throughout facilities, as well as first responders, with active COVID19 patients that this is what is being used to protect employees. If we have an N95 mask will we be allowed to bring those to RJ for personal use?

The recommendations by the CDC are fluid in order to manage the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE). If Ranken Jordan has a positive COVID-19 patient, that patient would be transferred out to another facility for care. We have N95s for the initial care until the patient is transferred out. As we continue to care for our kids who are not COVID-19 positive, we have implemented universal masking, using the blue surgical masks.

Does it matter which side is out on my surgical mask?

The blue side is the outside of the mask. The white side goes against your face.

The gloves our employees wear are substandard and don’t meet traditional hospitals. Why?

The exam gloves that Ranken Jordan uses meets ASTM standards (American Standard Testing Materials).  Our gloves that are tested by ASTM are approved by the CDC. Check out the website below for more information.




When will Ranken Jordan stop allowing visitors to limit exposure?

Nearly all visitors have been restricted already. Only essential staff is allowed into the hospital and a small number of designated visitors/family members who are essential to the care for our patients. Every single person who comes into our hospital is actively screened.

How do I clean my mousepad at work?

You probably don’t need your mousepad at all. Test your mouse on a surface (not the mousepad), and if it works, return your mousepad to IT who will dispose of it or clean it properly. If you still need a mousepad, please check with IT for a clean one. In the meantime, please remember to clean your mouse, keyboard, and surfaces regularly. Cleaning stations have been set up around the hospital for easy access to cleaning supplies.

I am concerned about employees taking home the virus to Their loved ones or from home and bringing it to work. I heard a nurse today say that she was feeling sick so she took cold medicine and came to work.

All employees should be screening themselves and stay home if they are sick. We will begin actively screening everyone who comes into the hospital, including staff, Monday, March 23, at 06:00.

Will “shelter in place” mean that visitors will be banned for the time being to minimize exposure?

Hospitals are considered an exception, and authorities will allow travel to the hospital, even for visiting. We have limited people traffic into the building to only essential staff and visitors to minimize exposure.

My county issued a “shelter in place.” Does that mean I cannot come to work?

Healthcare workers are considered essential, and may travel to/from work. If you are assigned to a shift at Ranken Jordan, have your badge with you in case you are asked by authorities.

I live in Illinois, and they have issued a shelter-in-place. How can I get to work?

Healthcare workers are considered essential, and may travel to/from work. If you are assigned to a shift at Ranken Jordan, have your badge with you in case you are asked by authorities.

I have family members who traveled out of state and will come back home and stay with me. Should I return to work?

You may still return to work. Only those who have had direct contact should stay home. Direct contact is when there is physical contact between an infected person and a non-infected person or droplet spread.

Will volunteers be allowed back in the building to clean high touch surfaces?

We are exploring all options at this time to ensure we have enough help across the hospital.

Should we limit non-essential foot traffic on the nursing units?

Some employees must walk through units, like the east unit, to get to their workspace. They are still allowed to do this.

My daughter goes to school in Illinois and needs to move out of her dorm in the next few days. My son will be helping her. She will come back and live with me. Will I need to quarantine after she gets back?

No. You do not need to quarantine or stay away from Ranken Jordan.

Can you define indirect contact?

Indirect contact is when there is no direct human-to-human contact.

Direct contact is when there is physical contact between an infected person and a non-infected person or droplet spread.

Here are some examples to help:

Does our insurance cover extra prescriptions?

If you are on Ranken Jordan Anthem BCBS Health Insurance plan, Anthem is relaxing prescription refill limits where permitted for members who wish to receive a 30-day supply of most maintenance medications early.

Does our insurance cover me if I get COVID-19?

If you are on Ranken Jordan Anthem BCBS Health Insurance plan and you were to need a COVID-19 test, you will be covered for the visit where you get the test with no out-of-pocket costs.

When will you begin actively screening employees?

We are researching how to do this now, and we will announce a date soon.

I work at another hospital, and I may care for suspected/confirmed COVID-19 cases there. Can I still work at Ranken Jordan?

Please contact your supervisor immediately before returning to Ranken Jordan.

I may have come into direct contact with a suspected/confirmed case of COVID-19. What should I do?

Please contact your supervisor immediately before returning to Ranken Jordan.

I may have come into indirect contact with a suspected/confirmed case of COVID-19. What should I do?

Please contact your supervisor immediately before returning to Ranken Jordan.

What if my CPR/CPI/PALS certification expires?

We understand that it may be difficult for employees to obtain current certifications for CPR/CPI/PALS at this time thru no fault of their own due to classes being cancelled.  Grace periods will be allowed and employees will not be taken off the schedule.

Is the Ranken Jordan Beyond Gala canceled?

The Gala has been postponed. A new date has not been determined yet.

Who is cleaning the time clock?

Use hand hygiene before and after you use the timeclock. The timeclock is on the facilities cleaning schedule.

Are you restricting pre-admission tours?

No. Pre-admission tours are allowed.

Are you restricting the number of visitors to our patients?

Yes, patients may have up to two designated visitors. Please see Social Work for more information.

I am not sure if my visitor is essential or not. Who can help me?

Please check with Infection Prevention or Human Resources to help you decide.

Who is on our Infection Prevention Team and how do I contact them if I have a question?

Dr. Duha Al-Zubeidi
Melanie Hubert, RN

Do we have an outbreak/pandemic disaster plan in place?


What if I have specific questions about a process/policy as it relates to COVID-19 and infection prevention at Ranken Jordan?

Please contact the Infection Prevention Team.

What if I call in sick and have symptoms similar to COVID-19, do I need to see a doctor?

If you meet the criteria listed under our COVID-19 screening tool, we would encourage you to reach out to your health care professional.

What if one of our patients meets criteria and shows symptoms for possible COVID-19, will we continue care for the patient at Ranken Jordan?

If we suspect one of our patients might potentially have COVID-19 based on the screening criteria, we will immediately isolate the patient and activate the Outbreak Response Team to don PPE and care for the patient until we are able to transport them safely to local hospital for evaluation and care.

What is our policy on missed time from work due to illness and use of PTO/ESB?

Please see page 22-23 of Employee Handbook for PTO/ESB Full Policy.  For full time (.9-1.0 FTEs), employees must use 40 hours of PTO (or unpaid time if PTO balance is zero) before accessing ESB.  At Ranken Jordan’s discretion we may require a physician statement verifying illness/absence.

What is our current Absenteeism & Tardiness policy?

Please refer to our Absenteeism & Tardiness policy.  Note if you are sick for multiple days/shifts in a row, that counts as one absence.

If my child’s school is called off due to COVID-19, can I use PTO?

You will still need to follow your departments normal call in procedures, it will still count as an absence from work and you can use PTO.  HR will continue to closely monitor the STL region to determine if exceptions to our policies need to be made based on school closings and/or outbreaks within our community.

Will outpatients be canceled?

All outpatients and their visitors/families are actively screened for wellness, including the COVID-19 coronavirus. No appointments are being canceled at this time.

I heard there's a shortage of supplies. Does Ranken Jordan have what we need to stay protected?

Yes. We have the supplies we need to protect our employees and patients.

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