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Getting Started

To make your child’s stay safe and comfortable, we recommend following the guidelines below.

What To Bring



The kids get dressed every day! Please bring four days’ worth of clothing. Label each item with his or her name in permanent marker. Ranken Jordan can do patient laundry but if you choose to do your child’s laundry, please pick up dirty clothing from the patient room by 8:30pm daily. We recommend loose fitting, comfortable play clothes for indoors and outdoors:



Ranken Jordan does have a limited supply of clothes that can be borrowed in an emergency.


Personal Items

Feel free to bring a small item from home for your child’s bed such as a favorite pillow, blanket or washable toy. Please label with your child’s name in permanent marker.

What Not To Bring

Participation in Patient Care

Ranken Jordan recognizes the important role of parents, guardians, and caregivers. Please participate in providing care as much as possible!

Our complete caregiver training will help you develop the skills and confidence necessary to support and care for your child’s medical needs at home.

During caregiver training it may be difficult to supervise your child’s siblings. Please prearrange to bring an adult over the age of 16 who can care for your other children while you are learning about your child’s medical care.

Educational Services

Ranken Jordan has education liaisons on staff who coordinate with school districts to get patients the services and materials they need. Please contact your child’s school directly to notify them of your child’s hospitalization and anticipated length of stay. Your teacher may provide your child with schoolwork and/or connect you with your school district’s homebound educational services.

Concierge Services

Our Concierge is a complimentary service available to all patients and guests designed to address non-clinical needs. Whether you need directions, a cup of coffee or more information about a program or service, our Concierge is happy to help. You can locate our Concierge near the Reception desk at the front of the hospital. 

Overnight Accommodations

As the parent, guardian or caregiver you are a key member of your child’s Care Team. It is important that you are well rested. When possible, we encourage families to return home overnight to get needed physical and emotional rest. For those families who live greater than 50 miles from Ranken Jordan, contact your social worker to discuss available lodging alternatives. 

For those family members who choose to stay overnight, one family member over the age of 18 may remain at bedside after visiting hours (8:30pm). Showering is available in the locker rooms on the 2nd floor of the East Wing during business hours; please see a workforce member to assist with access and towels. 

Caregiver/Family Laundry Room

Internet Access and Phone Calls

Local calls can be made in the family visiting area and in the nursing unit. Long distance phone calls can be arranged through Social Services. 

Ranken Jordan is happy to provide wireless internet access for visitors throughout the hospital. Connection information is available at the front desk. Please do not share electronic devices with patients other than your own. 


In order to respect the right to privacy and confidentiality of all Ranken Jordan patients, please do not take pictures of anyone but your child and family.