About SuperSibs

Ranken Jordan’s SuperSibs is about providing emotional support to siblings after a brother or sister has been hospitalized due to injury or illness.  Siblings receive comfort, encouragement and positive attention through a series of mailings, support groups, and 1:1 sessions.  RJ Super Sibs is free for all siblings of inpatient families between the ages of 3 and 18.

The siblings may have to adjust to new schedules, routines, and caregivers, periods of separation from their hospitalized brother or sister and caregivers, and more responsibility at home.  A hospitalization also creates a rollercoaster of emotions for every family member.

How To Join

Send us an email to join now! The RJ Super Sibs program is not only limited to or meant only for siblings who are currently experiencing distress; we believe all eligible siblings benefit from support during the patient’s hospital journey.

SuperSibs Virtual Sessions

RJ SuperSibs is excited to begin offering 1:1 virtual sessions for siblings ages 3-18.  The goals of these sessions include normalization, healthy processing, familiarization with medical supplies/hospital environment, teaching/coaching of healthy coping skills, and appropriate comprehension of their sibling’s health status and associated challenges.


Each 1:1 session is led by a Certified Child Life Specialist.  Child Life Specialists are trained professionals who focus on providing developmentally appropriate explanations, support and opportunities for children and teens to process thoughts and emotions in critical moments of need.  Creative outlets and treatment modalities including expressive art and music, role play, therapeutic and imaginative play.


The sessions are also designed with the intention of parents taking a needed break or an opportunity to focus on other tasks; however, parents are welcome to sit in with their child if they would prefer.  Parents will be provided with resources on questions and activities to help children process their thoughts after sessions.

SuperSibs 1:1 virtual sessions, will be offered every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 1-4pm. Sessions are available for sign-up in 30-minute blocks, at a first come first serve basis.  For participation, the child will need a device with internet access (tablet, computer, phone, etc.) and access to download the BlueJeans app.  Additionally, a list of basic items required for each session will be provided (paper, crayons, etc.).

*Please note that these sessions are not counseling sessions and Child Life Specialists are not mental health professionals. It is recommended that parent’s seek counselors, psychologists, or psychiatrists for their child’s one-on-one needs if there are any concerns regarding their mental health.


If you have any questions, concerns or need sign-up assistance, contact Megan Cassani at (314)872-6557.