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Burn Care Overview

At Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital, we continue your child’s care for a safe, healthy recovery after serious injuries such as burns. Our goal is to fully prepare your child and family for a smooth transition home.


Our team offers extensive expertise in burn care. Specialized team members will be with you every step of the way during your child’s ongoing treatment and recovery process.


As a caregiver, you will learn alongside our team so you feel knowledgeable and confident in caring for your child at home.

Individualized, Expert Burn Rehabilitation

Burn rehabilitation starts at the time your child enters the hospital after a burn and may continue for days, months, and even years depending on severity of the burn.


Burn care is individually designed to meet each child’s specific needs—so each child will have a different program. Your care team will determine the best treatment for your child.


Our goal is to help your child reach the highest level of function and independence possible and enjoy a good quality of life—physically, emotionally and socially.


To achieve these goals, we create a comprehensive program for your child that includes wound care, pain management, physical and occupational therapy, scar management, splinting, exercise, positioning, counseling, nutrition, and patient and family education.