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What to Expect at Ranken Jordan

When your child first arrives at Ranken Jordan, our team will be responsible for your child’s dressing changes and therapy. This allows your child to become comfortable with the treatment team, the routine and our facility.


Treatment can sometimes be traumatic for the child and caregivers, especially in the beginning stages. When the burn team is solely involved in treatment, it ensures caregivers aren’t associated with some of the most difficult burn care early in the recovery process.

The Caregiver’s Role in the Hospital

Within the first one to two weeks of admission to Ranken Jordan, we will schedule a care conference with the treatment team to discuss progress and treatment goals. As your child’s recovery progresses, you will become more involved with care.


As a caregiver, you are very important in your child’s physical and emotional progress. You make a difference by playing with your child and providing calm and comfort outside of treatments. Over time, caregivers may be included more in treatments.


We will partner with you to plan for discharge from the hospital to home and will help you support your child in coping with the new normal of life.


In addition, we provide caregivers extensive training before you go home with your child. This training will include the care routine to follow at home.

Maintaining a Schedule

It’s important for your child to maintain a schedule while in the hospital to help your child adjust and know what to expect throughout the day. A familiar routine also decreases anxiety and increases feelings of security.


Our team works with you and your child to create a schedule that includes times for meals, therapy, bathing and wound care, play, rest, stretching, splinting periods, and sleep.


Your child needs quiet time or “rest” during the day even if your child doesn’t sleep or nap. Play times will be scheduled during the day to keep your child active and having fun, which helps children better cope with being in the hospital.

What to Bring to the Hospital

To make your child feel more secure, you are welcome to bring some items from home to keep in your child’s room. These include: