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What is a pediatric psychologist?

Through the comprehensive circle of care at Ranken Jordan, we treat children’s medically complex condition as well as all the psychological components that go with a serious injury or illness.


Pediatric psychologists at Ranken Jordan have specialized training to treat children with medically complex conditions. This means in addition to treating anxiety, depression, and behavior problems, the pediatric psychologists at Ranken Jordan also are trained to help children with sleep, feeding, adherence, pain, adjustment to illness, and trauma. The children we care for at our hospital face many of these issues.


A pediatric psychologist is distinct from child clinical psychologists in the community who primarily focus on anxiety, depression, and behavioral disorders. They are essential to working with children in the community dealing with these issues.

How does the outpatient psychology service help my child?

The outpatient psychology service is designed for children with complex medical needs who come to Ranken Jordan for outpatient therapy or clinic. Our referrals come from speech, occupational and physical therapists as well as our physicians who have outpatient clinics at Ranken Jordan.


Our outpatient pediatric psychologists address mental and behavioral issues that may impact your child’s treatment participation and ultimately results.


The outpatient psychology service seamlessly integrates with the hospital’s existing therapy program. Pediatric psychologists co-treat patients along with speech, occupational and physical therapists. A pediatric psychologist is involved in outpatient therapy to provide more holistic, wrap-around care for children.


This team collaboration also means everyone is on the same page about your child’s background, experiences and needs. It allows the whole team to better help your child.


For example, a pediatric psychologist works with children in our bowel training program as a standard part of the therapy plan. The pediatric psychologist focuses on reducing anxiety, an underlying factor in children with bowel leakage. Behavioral support pulls it all together to help children be more successful at home.


In addition, a pediatric psychologist is also a key part of the hospital’s Concussion Management Program.

Physiatrists bring expertise in rehabilitation to improve function and quality of life to children and their families.  As a hospital that focuses on rehabilitation, Ranken Jordan has long understood the value of physiatry and therapy in a child’s recovery. Physiatry is a growing medical specialty as physiatrists are increasingly recognized for the value they bring in the recovery process and the successful outcomes patients experience.

How does the outpatient psychology service help families?

When your child has medically complex needs, the family system is key to your child’s long-term success. What’s going on in your family impacts your child’s care and your ability to best care for the child.


While at Ranken Jordan, families receive extensive support and services. Although our team works hard to prepare families to go home, sometimes families struggle to meet their child’s needs once they’re on their own at home.


Our goal is to give your family the support you need to best help your child. By treating your child and family as a whole, we can maximize the results for your child.


By incorporating mental and behavioral health care into outpatient therapy your child is already receiving at Ranken Jordan, your child can receive more services at the same time. This means you don’t have to deal with scheduling separate, additional appointments while also trying to arrange childcare and transportation, which can often be barriers to treatment.

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