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Children in the community and former patients are welcome to access outpatient services at Ranken Jordan. Ranken Jordan’s outpatient therapy team provides the latest therapy and rehabilitation techniques and equipment in a cheerful, safe, friendly environment for children and young adults up to age 21.

Our Program

Ranken Jordan’s outpatient program is the most comprehensive in the St. Louis region and is the only setting for outpatients that can match our world-class pediatric bridge hospital inpatient care. We work with children with a wide variety of medical and developmental needs.

Our Services

Our team uses a combination of well-established and innovative treatment techniques, along with state-of-the-art therapeutic and adaptive equipment delivered in unique treatment environments. The therapy team is passionate about what they do and are always driven to do more to help children better recover.

Therapy Through Play

Recently expanded, Ranken Jordan features the only warm water pediatric therapy pool in the region. Surrounded by indoor and outdoor playgrounds and a 1,500-gallon fish tank, children are welcomed into an environment where therapy is driven by play.

The physical therapy program helps children achieve maximum independence through exercise, neurodevelopment and sensory integration, positioning, alignment, and environmental adaptations.


Physical therapists assess and treat children with physical impairments, function limitations and developmental delays.


Our physical therapy program includes:

Occupational therapists treat children with physical and cognitive impairments, functional limitations and developmental delays. They help children live more independently with their illness, injury or disability through play, self-care, work and leisure activities.


Our occupational therapy program includes:

As part of a total care plan, aquatic therapy is a fun way for children to rebuild their strength and confidence. Water decreases impact during movement. Sessions address range of motion, coordination, strengthening, conditioning, mobility and pain management. Our warm water pool offers another medium for various therapies and is ideal for muscle relaxation and non-weight bearing activities.


We welcome parents in the pool with our therapists to directly participate in their child’s session.


The pool is accessible by steps, ramp, roll-in chair or lift. Our heated pool is the only designated pediatric aquatic therapy pool in the region.


Diagnoses that may benefit from water therapy:

Speech-language pathologists evaluate and enhance the child’s communication, cognitive, developmental and feeding skills.


Treatment involves therapeutic use of work, play and activities to address:

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To learn more about outpatient therapy, please call 314-872-6440. We see patients up to age 21 and accept most insurance plans.

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