Donors and Volunteers Decorate for the Holidays

After just one step into the halls of Ranken Jordan, most people immediately notice the ways in which the hospital does not quite have the same feel as others. The culture of play and compassion permeates every aspect of Ranken Jordan, down to the design of the space. Year-round, the hospital maintains a sort of magic by refreshing decorations that enhance the feel of each season. Whether there is a new display by the art room, or seasonal gnomes on the patient kitchen door, Ranken Jordan rarely looks the same on two separate visits. The holidays are no different as multiple people come together each year to transform the hospital into a proper winter wonderland. This year, the Ranken Jordan development team partnered with volunteer coordinator, Jenna Firehammer, to include the help of some very generous donors.

Paul Ohlms, an associate at JPMorgan Chase & Co. , has been increasingly involved with Ranken Jordan. In addition to being a member of the Young Professionals Board, he has sponsored multiple events throughout the year. Support for the hospital is common in his family, as his sister Abi Ohlms SLP, is a member of the outpatient therapy team. With the holiday season approaching, Paul wanted to get JPMorgan Chase & Co. more involved with the mission of Ranken Jordan. Additionally, he felt called to introduce his co-workers to Ranken Jordan and share in the magic felt with each visit to the hospital. Paul reached out to Jennifer Brown, Ranken Jordan’s corporate and foundation relations director, in search of an on-site volunteer opportunity for himself and his colleagues.

Jennifer immediately connected with Jenna to collaborate on an appropriate holiday project for Paul and his team. After considering a few options, they decide to implore their help with the decoration of the hospital for the holidays. Paul and his coworkers immediately accepted and schedule a day to visit and get to work. While the hospital continued to serve its pediatric population, the young professional volunteers made their way around, beautifying the halls. They divided into three teams, all working to set up holiday trees, hang wreaths above common areas, and fasten garland to rails. The group also personally donated 600 feet of new garland for the stairwells and bridges, as well as ornaments to enhance the trees. Their three teams engaged in some healthy competition regarding who did the most decorating. At the completion of their work, the group toured the hospital with Jennifer, witnessing the full beauty of their labor and learning more about Ranken Jordan’s Care Beyond the Bedside® model.

As the holiday season progresses, we express gratitude for those like Paul, who quietly work behind the scenes as our partners in care. Thank you for generously giving of your time, energy, and efforts in service to the mission and patients of Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital.