Green Healing: How Ranken Jordan Practices Sustainability in Honor of Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

As we celebrate the beauty of the planet, it is important to keep in mind our responsibility as a hospital to continue implementing sustainable practices that can reduce our environmental footprint while promoting a healthier future for the children we serve.

Currently, Ranken Jordan has taken great first steps toward investing in this mission.

Recycling: There are 17 blue recycling bins next to the trash cans in common/dining areas and located by printers in office areas that offer sustainable options of waste management. Many of these display verbiage or visual aids that educate about how and what to recycle.

Materials: The dining spaces have begun including more paper and less Styrofoam materials, regardless of increased cost, in an effort to reduce stagnant items in landfills.

Space: Lastly, true to the Care Beyond the Bedside model, the design of the campus has integrated nature and green space into the hospital environment as to provide therapeutic benefits for our young patients while also promoting sustainability. From the healing outdoor garden to the indoor plants, our space is designed not only to improve air quality and reduce stress but also provide educational tools that teach children about the importance of environmental conservation.

Ranken Jordan encourages all members of the healthcare community to promote energy efficiency standards that yield measurable benefits for the environment. Here are some simple measures to implement:

  • Switching to energy-efficient lighting and appliances.
  • Optimizing heating/cooling systems and improving insulation to reduce energy waste.
  • Researching which items are recyclable/compostable and always separating waste accordingly.
  • Defaulting to digital agendas/meeting notes and printing double sided if necessary.
  • Normalizing things like reusable dishware and cups for morning coffee and lunch.
  • Encouraging sustainable transportation options, such as carpooling, and/or public transit.

By embracing sustainable practices and fostering an earth-conscious mindset among staff, we can all work together to create a hospital environment that prioritizes our pediatric patients’ health and well-being and safeguards our planet all future generations.