Journey of Compassion: Ranken Jordan’s Transport Team Goes the Extra Mile in Connecting Lives and Communities

Our transport vehicles are seen by hundreds of people as they travel down highway 64 each day, connecting our young patients to the acute care they need at our referring hospitals, such as St. Louis Children’s Hospital and SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Hospital.

As our inpatient census has grown over the past few years, the number of patient transports has increased as well. The hospital purchased a third van meet demand.

Because of a generous gift from Craftsmen Industries, Inc., our three transport vehicles have a fresh, updated look showcasing our new vision and bold brand colors.

“The new van needed graphics added to it, and we decided to update the other two vans at the same time to match,” says Cassie Baranovic, nurse manager who oversees our patient transport department. “We weren’t sure where to go, then our development team connected us to Craftsmen Industries.”

Craftsmen Industries donated their time and materials to give our three vans new graphic wraps. First, they carefully removed the previous graphics from the two existing vans, then they added new graphics to all three vans.

The transport team also requested additional coverage on the van windows to provide shade and anonymity to the patients.

“The new wraps on the vans are playful and functional,” says Cassie.

The transport team plays a vital role in connecting our young patients to the care they needed. Amidst the bustling city life, the year unfolded with a myriad of stories, each journey telling a tale of compassion and commitment.

The department’s fleet of vehicles crisscrosses the city daily, carrying individuals to doctor appointments, emergency room visits, and radiology appointments. They regularly travel to the local pediatric hospitals and specialists’ offices scattered across the area. From “Big Barnes” to Shriners, SLU to Mercy, the transport team navigates the intricate web of healthcare destinations, ensuring no one is left behind.

But the department’s reach extends beyond the city limits. This year, they ventured to Le Bonheur Hospital in Memphis, TN, to bring a patient back to their home hospital for a comforting discharge. Another notable journey took them to Villa Grove, IL, a 2-hour and 30-minute drive from Ranken Jordan. There, they transported a patient home, bridging the gap for a family without a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

One remarkable trip unfolded when the team embarked on their farthest journey yet – a road trip to Chicago. The wheels rolled with purpose, carrying three sisters to their new foster home. It was a testament to the department’s dedication to go the extra mile, both metaphorically and literally.

As the wheels turned, the year culminated in an impressive statistic – 2,100+ trips made. Each trip was not just a physical transport but a journey of empathy, connecting people to the care they needed. The transport department of Ranken Jordan has become more than just a logistical support system; they were the threads weaving a tapestry of health, hope, and humanity across the city and beyond.