Ranken Jordan Creates New Chief Nursing Officer Position

Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital is proud to welcome Kristin Piskulich as the new chief nursing officer. Kristin has 20 years of nursing leadership experience, most recently as the chief nursing officer at SSM Health Rehabilitation Hospital in Richmond Heights.

“Ranken Jordan is such an innovative organization,” says Piskulich. “I have a passion for moving health care forward, and we have to be open to changing this industry. Everything Ranken Jordan does is different, and the entire hospital – from the building itself to each person inside of it – is changing how we do patient care.”

Kristin completed her bachelor’s degree in social work from Kansas State University and her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Maryville University. She went on to complete her master’s in nursing administration degree from Webster University. Since 1998, she has held a variety of nursing leadership positions in the St. Louis area, including 13 years at St. Luke’s, four years at SSM Health, and four years at BJC HealthCare.

“Children with medical complexities is a growing population, and our hospital is growing rapidly to accommodate it,” says Brett Moorehouse, chief operating officer and interim chief executive officer at Ranken Jordan. “Growing and nurturing our nursing staff is vital to the success of the hospital and the success our patients, and Kristin is the right fit for us to help us do that.”