Ranken Jordan Receives $1M Donation From The Riney Family

The Margaret and Richard Riney Family’s gift will allow Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital to provide more fun for kids!

Margaret and Richard Riney have given Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital a $1 million donation to help expedite children’s recovery through the healing power of play. The multipurpose gift will allow for grounds improvement, equipment purchase, and add to the hospital’s still relatively new endowment. Margaret and Richard are active in a variety of philanthropic endeavors and are pleased to collaborate with the innovative Ranken Jordan. “The fortitude of these kids is inspiring,” Richard says. “For as hard as they’re working at getting better, we want them to have the opportunity to just be kids. We’re thrilled to join the team helping them to have fun as they strive to get home.”

The Margaret and Richard Riney Family Outdoor Playscape will transform the outdoor playground to be more adaptive and comfortable by providing the essential shade needed for a multi-sensory, three season terrain. This improvement will allow children to receive the same play and therapy as received inside the hospital.

The Margaret and Richard Riney Family Endowed Play Dates Program will allow the hospital to bring in regular entertainment and hands-on learning activities. For example, in August experts will visit with kids to explore the exciting world of health, and this fall the hospital hopes to bring in a portable planetarium.

The gift is also providing for innovative and expansive murals with jungle and beach themes and one depicting the St. Louis region. The murals will serve as a distraction while kids receive medical treatments and therapy essential for recovery.  Finally, the gift has already allowed the hospital to update its stock of tablet devices and purchase a multisensory station for the kids to enjoy.

Press is invited to join Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital as the Margaret and Richard Riney family celebrates the painting of the murals. Tours of the hospital and further discussion on the power of healing through play are welcome and encouraged.