SendAFriend Raises $60k+ and Smiles for Kids

Spreading positivity has been more important than ever this year at Ranken Jordan. So, when SendAFriend reached out to Ranken Jordan to learn about how they could get involved here at the hospital, we were very excited.

SendAFriend is an organization that aims to share laughs and smiles in a world often consumed with bad news, discouraging events, and negativity. SendAFriend’s goals align closely with Ranken Jordan’s own mission of helping children heal physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Moreover, every month, SendAFriend donates 10% of its total revenue to different pediatric hospitals around the country, and last August, SendAFriend donated $69,623 to Ranken Jordan!

SendAFriend’s founding mission, one of spreading positivity, is what led SendAFriend’s founder, Tyler Macke, to Ranken Jordan. Tyler says that, “Over the past couple of years, we’ve donated to pediatric hospitals in St. Louis, Kansas City, Nashville, Chicago, and more. When we came across Ranken Jordan, it was immediately obvious that their initiatives lined up perfectly with ours and we knew that the monthly donation would be going towards an amazing cause. That’s all we really look for when we find new organizations to work with!”

The funds donated by SendAFriend will be used to continue Ranken Jordan’s mission of providing Care Beyond the Bedside. Because kids at Ranken Jordan spend 70% of their waking hours outside of their rooms socializing, learning, rehabilitating, and playing, donations allow for experiences and tools that provide normalcy, comfort, and fun! Ranken Jordan’s Care Beyond the Bedside model is especially important for the kids that need to stay at Ranken Jordan for long periods of time, and the donor generosity exhibited by organizations and individuals alike are part of what makes Ranken Jordan’s Care Beyond the Bedside model possible.

At the beginning of December, SendAFriend donated 200 individually boxed plush animals to Ranken Jordan! This is the core of what SendAFriend aims to do. Tyler likes to ask, “Who doesn’t want a fluffy stuffed animal to keep them company?” It’s the little things like SendAFriend’s donation that help to make a difference to the kids at Ranken Jordan.

Ranken Jordan is grateful for the continued support of SendAFriend, and we hope to work together to share even more laughs and smiles in the future.  You can find out more about SendAFriend at