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Inpatient Referral Checklist

Referral Process

  • Call our referral clinician  to discuss your patient and learn if your patient qualifies for admission to Ranken Jordan.
  • Our intake  coordinator will communicate with the  Care Manager regarding insurance authorization. Please be sure to provide contact information for your patient’s care coordinator.
  • Discuss the option of transferring to Ranken Jordan with the family, prior to making the referral
    • Invite them to visit us online at to learn more and watch a virtual tour.
    • Encourage the family to call to arrange for a tour of our hospital.

Respiratory Needs Checklist

If the child has a tracheostomy or ventilator, please share:

  • Trach size, brand and cuff type
  • Stable on home style ventilator/settings/which ventilator?
  • Goals of ventilation? Wean or not to wean?
  • Airway clearance and respiratory treatments. Minimum spacing required for airway treatments is every 4 hours.

Medical Readiness Process

Once your child is added to the referral list, our referral clinician and you will discuss how medically ready your patient is and what the discharge goals are.

  • Review medications together with direct care provider and referral clinician. Some medications we need to order ahead of time or use family’s home supply. We are not licensed to give IV chemotherapy and do not typically provide IV pain medications
  • No prescriptions needed. Ranken Jordan has a pharmacy, only need a current MAR.
  • What intravenous lines does patient have/need?
  • Review labs-frequency needed, type, pending cultures.
  • Nutrition regimen: enteral/parenteral.
  • Stable vital signs, define parameters for holding anti-HTN medications.
  • Do we need nursing educator to see patient for complex wound care, drains, special equipment?
  • Consulting subspecialists – all notified of pending transfer?
  • Consulting subspecialists – follow up appointment recommendations with time frame during which they would like the patient seen. Do not schedule the appointments. We will schedule them. We have PM&R and provide comprehensive neurodevelopmental assessments, so any developmental follow-ups can occur after discharge.
  • Behavioral issues to plan for/social concerns. We do not accept patients who require one-on-one sitter supervision.

Transfer Process

  • Ranken Jordan will contact the  provider for a hand-off on the day of transfer.
  • The patient’s case manager will arrange for the patient to be transported to Ranken Jordan. In your transport, please include:
    • A hard copy of the discharge summary
    • Discharge orders
    • No copy of the chart is needed
    • Consent for transfer from the parent, guardian, or Children’s Division
    • A disc of pertinent imagining if not accessible via outside provider access.