Meet Lea’brilia

At just five days old and weighing thirteen ounces, Lea’brilia’s care team in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) didn’t think she would make it through the week. Now, Lea’brilia is three years old and thrives at Ranken Jordan. She has still never been home after living for nearly 2 years in the NICU, and now at Ranken Jordan for over a year.

When Lea’brilia came to Ranken Jordan, she depended on a ventilator to breathe. She no longer relies on a ventilator but still needs her tracheostomy tube to assist her breathing. Her lungs are stronger, but she still needs more therapy before finally going home.

Thanks to generous donors like you, Lea’brilia has been able to receive the playful therapy and care that she needs to help her transition from hospital to home.

Since being at Ranken Jordan Lea’brilia has discovered a love for sensory bins, messy play, and water. She is able to move around (fast) in her walker and is a social butterfly.

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