2017 Volunteers of the Year

Ranken Jordan recently hosted a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner to recognize and appreciate the more than 300 Partners in Care who dedicated their time and talents to the hospital in 2016.

For the month leading up to the event, Ranken Jordan conducted a top secret process to receive nominations and identify volunteers who were deserving of special recognition. For 2017, Kiland Sampa earned the prestigious honor as Volunteer of the Year. Jean Drazen was named Rookie of the Year.

In total, over 300 Ranken Jordan volunteers contributed more than 18,100 hours in 2016 for an estimated dollar value of $417,595.84 in payroll savings.

A special tribute of appreciation was also delivered to honor the Partners in Care who have dedicated over 1,000 volunteer hours to Ranken Jordan over the term of their relationship with the hospital:

Marcia Walton (2010) 1,115
Betty Windsor (2004) 1,129
Judy McLachlin (2004) 1,142
Jackie Kelly (2005) 1,174
Tom Plank (2007) 1,205
Shari Heitmann (2003) 1,240
Pat Chambers (2006) 1,304
Erv Oberndorfer (2005) 1,312
Sandy Oberndorfer (2005) 1,314
Sally Gaan (2001) 1,673
Mary Headen (2008) 1,924
Christopher Carter  (2007) 2,309
Nancy Skrivan (2012) 2,456
Carol Mittler (2005) 2,529
Claudia Kane (2007) 3,061
Marci Zimmerman (2006) 11,832
Nikki Hull (2004) 13,903

The Graphic Arts Banquet and Conference Center in Westport was the host venue of the 2017 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.

Kiland Sampa, 2017 Ranken Jordan Volunteer of the Year

Ranken Jordan Volunteer Manager Tricia Sievers with 2017 Rookie of the Year, Jean Drazen

Kiland and Tricia present the “check” to Ranken Jordan President & CEO Lauri Tanner