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Mission & Purpose

Founded in 2015, the mission of the Ranken Jordan Young Professionals Board is to support patients of the hospital and their families while promoting the “Care Beyond the Bedside” model within the St. Louis young professional community.


Through fundraising efforts, volunteer activities, and peer education, the Young Professionals Board members serve with the same innovation and relationship building skills that helped establish Ranken Jordan in 1941. By joining us, you will foster leadership skills, enhance your professional network and credibility, and build invaluable relationships that could benefit you for a lifetime. Above all, this is an opportunity for you to get involved with a local organization that is making waves and changing lives across the nation.


Members of the Young Professionals Board are expected to:


In addition to participating in various fundraisers and volunteer opportunities hosted by the hospital, the Young Professionals Board puts on its own events. Some of our biggest past successes include

How to Apply

Interested in getting involved? Contact Development Form to find out if applying to be a Board Member or a Friend of the Ranken Jordan Young Professionals Board is the right fit for you.

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What Members Are Saying

“I love supporting Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital because of how we help families and provide hope.” – Vince Mahtani

“I love Ranken Jordan for the exceptional care they provide families when it’s needed most. By supporting, I’ve met some wonderful people with a shared vision in bringing more and more awareness to this wonderful pediatric bridge hospital.” – Nathan Chew

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Current Board Members

Amy Collmeyer – Executive Committee Secretary
Brittany Grunzinger – Publicity Committee Chair
Christopher Struttmann
Colin Oca
Courtney Maloney – Executive Committee Treasurer
Erin Risk
Jacob Risk – Executive Committee Chair
Jacque Whisler
Jennifer Birk
Jillian Hausmann – Executive Committee Vice Chair
Kasey Schwetz – Special Events Vice Chair

Lindsey Conner
Lucas Dionisopoulos
Mary Schoelch
Matthew Jung
Megan Ottomeyer
Megan Dillon – Membership Committee Chair
Meredith Dorr
Nicholas Fiquette
Nick Schwetz
Sarah Larson
Wendy Webster