Introducing our new blog series, “Notes from Dr. Nick”

Hi, I’m Dr. Nick Holekamp but most people call me Dr. Nick. I’m the Chief Medical Officer here at Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital, a very special place in St. Louis, Missouri.

Why I’m starting a blog series

We are seeing the way treating kids differently is impacting their lives and we want more people to know about it so more kids can experience this kind of care.

During my two decades at Ranken Jordan, I’ve treated more than 2,000 children with complex medical needs and conducted research on our unique care model, Care Beyond the Bedside. This is based on the idea that the more time patients spend outside of their hospital bed, the more likely they are to have a better recovery.

Nick Holekamp, MD

Why this work matters

I have seen firsthand the power of this model and it’s the catalyst behind everything my team and I do at Ranken Jordan. We’re not your average hospital–we have a playground inside and a baseball field outside!

It’s things like our unique hospital design, Care Beyond the Bedside, and so much more that set us apart, and I’ve never had a space in which to write about this before.

How you can follow along

This post is the first in a blog series, “Notes from Dr. Nick,” a piece to support my wider goal of sparking more innovation, not only in the pediatric community, but in the lives of children across the country and the world.

I’ll be blogging at least once a month, sharing what we’ve learned and how it has the potential to impact all pediatric care, not just really sick kids.

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The time has come for Ranken Jordan to get loud. My hope is that sharing our work will inspire you to get loud with us.

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