Planned Giving Society Dinner

Ranken Jordan convened a dinner this evening in recognition of the generosity and foresight of our friends and partners in planned giving. “Mr. Joseph Logan made innumerable contributions to Ranken Jordan,” said President and CEO Brett Moorehouse. “Some of these were financial gifts. The intent of his last donation was to launch a planned giving society. Mr. Logan knew that our kids and families would benefit greatly by celebrating the generosity and vision of those who had made provisions for the hospital in their estate planning. We thank the Logans, and we thank you all.”

After brief remarks from Moorehouse, guests enjoyed a delicious dinner and asked a range of questions about the hospital. There to help with questions and enjoy the occasion were Chief Medical Officer Nick Holehamp MD, Chief Financial Officer John Clagg, and Chief Development Officer Steve Lindee.

The Logans had a legacy of commitment to Ranken Jordan that began in 1948. Mr. Logan served on the Board of Directors as President for 30 years. With his leadership, Ranken Jordan was able to greatly increase the number of children who received our specialized care.

Ranken Jordan extends its warmest gratitude to the members of its Logan Legacy Society:

* Board of Directors Member   |   † Deceased

For more information on planned giving, please contact the Development Team at (314) 872-6544 or